Episode 008 – Independence Day: Resurgence, Central Intelligence, AbFab The Movie

In this episode, Josh has done a runner and won’t be back till later in the month. Unfortunately, this means Andrew’s in charge – and has invited Mike Parkin over for a chat and natter about movies…

Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

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  1. Richard says:

    My top 5 foreign language films, based on my limited DVD collection. (I’ve struggled with this list and feel sure I’ve missed off 1 or 2 much more deserving titles.)

    1. DHOOM 2 (2006) – My favourite Indian movie. A great looking, colourful and very entertaining Bollywood buddy cop movie. The beautiful cast includes Aishwarya Rai (who has had some notable English-language roles in her career) and Bipasha Basu, who was recently in Roland Joffé’s THE LOVERS (released as TIME TRAVELLER in the UK).

    [This film was followed by DHOOM 3 which imitated aspects of THE DARK KNIGHT and wasn’t nearly as good, partially because of it.]

    2. LISTY DO M (2011) – Surprisingly decent Polish ripoff of LOVE, ACTUALLY – traditional festive viewing in our house – we have the sequel (released last year) to watch this Christmas.

    3. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (2004) – Powerful, risky filmaking. Simple story, great cinematography and music and a fantastic performance from Jim Caviezel. Flawed and occasionally misjudged, but an extraordinary film.

    [Caviezel went on to play Jesus in English in THE WORD OF PROMISE dramatised audio bible. His performance was just a good in that medium.]

    4. DON (2006) – My second favourite Indian movie. A 3-hour epic thriller with great musical sequences. Shah Rukh Khan plays both a cruel gangster and the look-a-like encouraged to impersonate him.

    Also features Priyanka Chopra who recently broken through into Hollywood, leading the cast of thriller series QUANTICO and will play opposite Dwayne Johnson in the BAYWATCH movie.

    [She and Khan both returned for the Hollywood-style DON 2, notable for having only 1 musical scene. Highly recommended for those who have never seen an Indian blockbuster but don’t want to see a musical.]

    [Side note: 2006 was a fantastic year for Bollywood action films. Chopra also starred in KRRISH, a lively superhero movie.]

    5. INTO THE SUN (2005) – Mixing a large amount of Japanese dialogue with English, this film has a lot of subtitles and so I think qualifies. It’s a surprisingly high quality Steven Seagal B-movie and makes this list because I’m a big fan and can’t think of anything else right now.


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