Episode 018 – Don’t Breathe (Caimh McDonnell)

It’s The Smoking Lamb episode 18! Josh bails out at the last minute, leaving host Andrew Mackay alone with The Smoking Lamb’s own Sooz Kempner and special guest Caimh McDonnell; stand-up comic and author. This week we look at the US Box Office, review Don’t Breathe, Top Five Behind the Scenes and Address the lamb from Caimh. It’s pronounced “Qweeve”, by the way”.

Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

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Buy Caimh’s fantastic debut novel “A Man With One of Those Faces” from Amazon (UK) and (US)

(UK) www.amazon.co.uk/Man-One-Those-Fa…s/dp/0995507503/

(US) www.amazon.com/Man-One-Those-Fac…ok/dp/B01LB4O01I/

Caimh’s website: whitehairedirishman.com/free/

Twitter @caimh
panelbeaterscomedy.com (podcast)


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