The DTV Digest – Episode 017 – The Devil’s Candy, Kill ‘Em All

With Rich on holiday this week, Mike is joined by old colleague Will Bentley, who was forced to sit through Jean Claude Van Damme’s Kill ‘Em All. But, before that Mike does a solo review of The Devil’s Candy, a new horror movie starring Ethan Embry. Plus, the usual DTV Top 5, Coming Soon section and the Washing Up!

Check it out and BLEAT THE WORD!

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The Icebreaker

Demon Hunter (NB: Apparrently Dolph Lundgren’s “Don’t Kill It!” is being released in some European countries as Demon Hunter, so there may be some confusion between the two!

The Perfect Weapon


The Devil’s Candy  In My review, I mentioned Sean Byrne’s previous film THE LOVED ONES.

Kill ‘Em All (recognise the voice-over guy from Honest Trailers?)


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