The Smoking Lamb Family

Co-founders and co-hosts Andrew Mackay and Josh Morris bring you The Smoking Lamb Podcast: the internet phenomenon currently sweeping the globe. A no-holds-baa-aaa-aa-arred, and R-rated look at the world of movies.

Joshua MorrisJosh Morris – Creator of TSL

At the young age of 23, Josh has already created and ran several podcast: Film Freaks, La La Film, Filmsploitation: The Film Podcast and now The Smoking Lamb. Never to shy away from an argument, he is usually the first to defend modern cinema and the continual battle for CGI vs Practical and Digital vs Film.

Favourite film: Little Miss Sunshine

Worst film: The Spirit

AAndrew Mackayndrew Mackay – Creator of TSL

A movie critic for twenty years, Andrew has written for MSN Movies, Natural Born Viewers, The AMR Movie Show, Filmsploitation: The Film Podcast and now The Smoking Lamb. A former teacher, Andrew is an experienced broadcaster and writer, with his new line of satirical books “In Their Shoes” hitting No 1 on Amazon.

Favourite film: The Stuff (1985)

Worst film: The Rocketeer

Mike Parkin

Mike Parkin – Mike’s DTV Digest

Talentless hack who’s spent the last decade trying to convince people that a lot of Direct-to-DVD movies are actually worth watching, and advocate that good action doesn’t necessarily mean a dumb movie, and that watching a foreign subtitled film isn’t the same as reading a book.

Favourite film – Where Eagles Dare

Worst film – The remake of Rollerball

Sooz Kempner

Sooz Kempner – Podcaster

Sooz is a Stand-up comedian from Gatwick. She did a BA in scriptwriting but mainly writes tweets about films nowadays because getting a script produced is really hard work. She frequently posts videos on YouTube like Méliès would have done if born in the 1980s. She also regularly performs at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Favourite film – Goodfellas

Worst film – Manos The Hands Of Fate

Stephen Lockeridge

Stephen Lockeridge – Podcaster

Simple bloke with simple pleasures. Lover of all types of movies, from comic book movies to foreign arthouse to everything in between. Stephen did a little bit of acting in his younger years that culminated in a small roll in a film called Giorgino (don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, it was only released in France).

Favourite film – Clerks 2

Worst film – Fred the Movie

David SchaalDavid Schaal – Podcaster

David is an actor and was Jay’s Dad in The Inbetweeners and also ‘Taff’ in The Office. A terrific actor, David brings an air of grace and verisimilitude to The Smoking Lamb with his occasion musings on sex, violence and potato peelers. He can be seen on BBC2’s We the Jury and CBBC’s Hetty Feather next year.

Favourite film – The Godfather

Worst film – The Godfather Part III

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